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Crescent Architecture & Engineering Consultants Pvt. ltd situated in Gulberg
Greens Islamabad, is spreading development with its passion by planning and
designing resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and smart places for people and spaces
that contribute to the overall health of communities and _ cities.
We are persistent in our values and design ideology and are dedicated to sharing
excellent solutions based on developing new technologies, and innovations.

 About  Us

Our fields of expertise encompass Architectural, Interior Designing, Structure, MEP, Construction Management, Interior Designing, and Remodeling services. Our versa-tile works include projects of varied nature and scale ranging from office buildings, commercial spaces, industrial, institutional, leisure, health care buildings and residential.

Our Vision 

  1. Design Distinction 

We’ve set the stake high.

We’re dedicated to creating environments where people live more contented, healthier lives. To working collaboratively with our clients—engaging, listening, questioning, designing and managing—until, together, we exceed expectations. This is how we characterize design excellence. For us, performance and manifestation of aesthetics go hand in hand.

  1. Sustainability

 Sustainability is our vital priority.

The most successful designs are those that work symbiotically with the natural environment. They help protect human health and preserve the vitality of Earth’s many ecosystems. They also help conserve the planet’s resources—sometimes even replen-ishing them.

3.   Diverse and Inclusive

 We believe diversity drives innovation and inclusion sparks creativity.

Different perspectives from people of different backgrounds paint a canvas of ideas with bolder, brighter colors. The combined cre-ativity is infinite. Together, we’re designing a more vibrant, dy-namic world. We’re moving beyond socially  constructed barriers and stereotypes and toward an open, united, productive society.

4.  well-being

 Design that supports the human body, mind, and spirit.

We’re focused on making people’s lives better—holistically—by designing places that promote well-being from the inside out.





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